Thursday 11th October 12 – Busch Gardens.2

Busch Gardens! Oh so much that we didn’t realise was there. We started the day by not leaving enough time for breakfast again, and walking down to the Crab House to catch our coach. No turtle video this time! I was interested in what I missed! But I did fall asleep again as they were just playing music. That plus… Read more →

Tuesday 9th October 12 – Sea World.2

Seeeeeaaaa Wooooorld! Right. On a mission, do everything we didn’t do last time. Check out the Shamu stadium, arrive just in time! Although it was good, I have to admit that it seemed to be a little less focused on what the whales could do, and more on splashing you. It’s good, but you could go to a water park… Read more →

Monday 8th October 12 – Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens! Get up, breakfast, leg it to the crab house, get on 1 hour coach ride. There was a cute video about the life of a turtle, where they use some creative ways to describe things. ‘this baby turtle is born the size of a newborn babies palm’ ‘she swims into the ocean with flippers the size of butterfly… Read more →

Sunday 7th October 12 – Magic Kingdom

Sunday 7th October 12 – Magic Kingdom Hello! Back again with renewed vigor! I admit, I didn’t easily get up this morning so I’ve got 2 days worth to add now. Hope I remember it all! Okay so first was Disney! We decided to start with the Magic Kingdom, as is easy going, child friendly (so… friendly) and has the… Read more →

Saturday 6th October 12 – Lazy Day.2

So today was another lazy day. The sun was shining, Oli scouted out Walmart but surprisingly enough didn’t come back with endless t shirts, we watched something where Ponyos dad was a spy (spoiler alert) and it just seemed to be a complete rip off of the Bourne identity, and half of Mall Cop. We also saw roughly half of… Read more →

Friday 5th October 12 – Universal.2

Universal woopwoop! Really easy and free to get to! So we started on the right, going anti clockwise this time (I know, breaking all the rules) We also saw Marilyn Monroe and Lucy get out of a fancy car, and the men in black further up the road! Of course I took some pictures of the latter and as we… Read more →

Thursday 4th October 12 – Disney Quest

Okay… Yeah… More of an interesting day than we had planned. So we called Thomson last night to book travel to Downtown Disney in the morning. They said to call the hotel, the hotel transferred me to another guy who said he’d booked us a couple of seats. We turn up early in the morning, but when the van pulls… Read more →

Wednesday 3rd October 12 – Universal Studios

Today we did the other half of Universal, Now Studios, previously MGM? Really good! I admit I think we both preferred the other side, but it was good. We started off on the Despicable Me ride. Really cute, and very funny. The plot is that hey are shrinking you all down into minions, and then putting you through training. ‘Next.… Read more →

Tuesday 2nd October 12 – Lazy Day

Today’s update is going to be a short one we had a lazy day. Not that much to report. Watched some American TV, found out that there’s a How to Train your Dragon series, and the weather outside was almost British. So it was a good day to choose really. Oh and the morning buffet waffle maker was there! Finally… Read more →