Saturday 29th Aug – Shibuya

Okay so we went to the convenience store again today where I tried a donut which tasted horrible, pizza crisps which actually had melted cheese on but still weren’t that great, and some hot wedges bought from the counter. After this we headed off to Shibuya where we found yet more anime, porn, and food. The Shibuya crossing was as busy as ever, and keeping with tradition I Caramel Dansen’d all the way across every time. We went into a few book shops to find cool stuff for Yone and found some interesting things like Yakuza tattoos and gay sex manuals, anime magazines with Ed Elric in a smexy pose, and even a Radwimps magazine where they have great music, but they still look silly.

After a little walking around, we went searching for lunch and eventually found a place where I finally got to try sukiyaki! I admit that we did have a little confusion at first with what we were supposed to do, but it turns out that you crack your egg into a little bowl, pour water and soy sauce into the pan, then add the meat, then add the vegetables. Then to eat once the meat is cooked you pull it out, dip it into the raw egg first, then eat it. First off we were just cooking and eating one piece of meat at a time! But as much as I really enjoyed it, the main problem was that it was all you can eat and after yet another tray of vegetables and plates of meat, we were far to stuffed to finish! Also there was a surreal element to this visit as there was a looped track including Just Dance, Poker Face, Daft Punks and Say It Ain’t So. We had some very helpful waiters here too who suggested how we were supposed to eat it, and changed the cooking temp as needed after he noticed that we didn’t dare touch it.

After this we walked around a little more, visited Tokyu Hands again which never ceases to amaze with it’s amount of stuff, then it’s back to Suidobashi. Tom had a dip in the pool, I played my DS, and the couple most likely had a cuddle. Then it was off to dinner where as our final meal I volunteered my stomach for sushi. Surprisingly enough my taste buds are getting a lot more comfortable with sushi, but my stomach wasn’t. by the end of it I really couldn’t take any more but it did help that after a little laughter the shef’s who were making it in front of us were helping and giving us little hints and tips. They even finished off by making us little origami figures which I didn’t see them doing for the customers who left before us! But you know the funniest bit? Tom rather than trying one egg, tried a whole fish egg maki, and needed to go to the toilet just to spit it out! He basically turned to me with puffed out cheeks and asked me to ask in Japanese where the toilet is, but I couldn’t do it as I had egg in my mouth, and couldn’t stop laughing!

We finished off the end of our last day with karaoke which was rather successful as everyone did actually have a go singing once we’d worked out how to search for songs and singers. So It’s oyasuminasai for the last time, and sayounara unfortunately. Bye bye Japan. Jaa matta ne?

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