Friday 28th Aug – Akihabara

Used the 7 11 again, then ate while we were surrounded by pidgeons (‘cause Petros fed them)

Got to Shibuya and got a leaflet for a gothic looking maid café. Found a duty free store which wasn’t great but found funny towels where the geisha’s clothes disappear as the towel gets wet.  Stumbled across lots more games and porn as usual, and I got to find tons of new drum games which aren’t available in the UK. Hooray for my Japanese PS2 and the DS and PSP being region free! Unfortunately it doesn’t matter with anime that I can’t read, but with music games I don’t need to understand the writing! Although loved that I found a game with tare panda in. Saw figurine shops with absolutely tons of figures ranging from a large Solid Snake, to a mini head of Fiona from Shrek to stupidly expensive lightsabers and the gun from Hellboy which looked awesome. With all of this choice I tried to remind myself that I don’t have much space or money for all of this, so in the end all I got sadly was a small 100 yen chocobo figurine.

Found a huge arcade where there were tons of music games covering about a third of the floor. Yay! So Petros and Tom played about half an hour of Silent Hill to finish the game, while I played half an hour of manic 12 feet DDR! Got a little bit of an audience at one point, but I didn’t care ‘cause it was too fun and only costs 100 yen per 3 songs. Bargain! The only problem was that because I’d brought my flip flops, I had to do it barefoot. And playing DDR barefoot on expert levels for half an hour means that you do lose a little skin. It stung a little for the rest of the day, but the funniest bit was when one of the staff there saw my foot, got really worried a and a little cross(?) and offered me some wipes. Oops.

After this we popped into a couple m ore places, and ended up going into the maid café. Not gothic after all but nice, less OTT, this place was new and the maid’s were very understanding and friendly without being embarrassing to the guys this time. D’oh! But it was great. The menu this time didn’t have any pictures which was a little scary, but I asked her ‘Osusume wa nandesuka?’ which means what do you suggest? We had the main options of margherita pizza, bolognaise pizza, or pasta bolognaise. When they brought us the pizzas, we even got two of them with the pentagon on, and one with a cat face on. Devil and neko pizzas! I said that we should have slapped two together and made an evil neko. While waiting, one maid actually came over and spoke a little English to us saying that she went on holiday to England for 3 weeks, and loves the fish and chips there. Go figure! We also had cake here, used the tiny bathroom, and left.

After this we went to the original shop on the first day, then headed back. Found a really nice restaurant where we took our shoes off again, but strangely enough it feels like we’ve not needed to do so for ages now, and put them in lockers before going into our own private room. Here we tried a variety of dishes ranging from shrimp balls which I actually found quite nice, eel which for once I didn’t, and Miyazaki chicken. Miyazaki chicken! I ate Ghibli and you know what? It was delicious. So now that Petros is completely drunk off of his face and dancing around in a very very carefree manner,  I’m going to say oyasuminasai for now. Last full day tomorrow.

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