Saturday 22nd August – Yokohama

Okay so this morning’s breakfast was so-so which I had to expect from our hotel. Kinda salty, but okay.  We left, and I found the first new exciting drink, consisting mainly of jelly! I tried the peach one which was absolutely great! Tom didn’t quite think so as my only warning was that he would find it surprising, and the phrase he so strategically used was ‘mucous’.

So after getting to a much better and impressively large confusing hotel with a chess board pavement/water thing laid out outside, we dashed off again to Yokohama Sea Paradise! This was a suggestion of mine which I think has turned out quite well so far. First off we actually just went to grab some food as we were ravenous by this point, and went to the shortest queue, finding something rather similar to KFC! Western food! Which is kind of a shame, but boy my stomach thanked me for the normal food. A little weird I know but… meh.

After this we grabbed some tickets for the aquarium where there was a rate for couples so Tom and I ended up giggling a little over the implications. Are we supposed to be linking arms of something just to get in? There were some great animals in there however who were very impressive and you could really get close, but I was a little worried that a few of them were making laps so I’m not too sure if they are really bored. Not sure… On the other side from the polar bears and sea lions and many many penguins, was an absolutely giant tank full of shoal fish, sharks, sting rays and other things. This was amazing in itself, but then the aquarium started playing some tension building music and putting on a bit of a light show in the tank. All of the shoal fish started making new patterns in the tank and it looked almost like a rain storm turning into a tornado turning into beautiful chaos and round again. It was unbelievable and the great parts were also when the bigger fish decided to swim through the pattern. Sting rays were given girth to swim through unharmed, and sharks were given plenty more space. I wonder why! After you’ve finished watching also, you could get on an escalator where you actually go through this tank and get to see all of them swimming around you.

We got to go through the coral (Sango in Japanese) section where Petros tried to convince me that it was something else. Like I wouldn’t know! And for once I didn’t find that I was hearing my name everywhere!

Other tanks were full of huge turtles and huge crabs where I REALLY wouldn’t like to meet them if the glass wasn’t there, but as it was they were brilliant!

After this we watched the fireworks outside as it was dark by this point, and they weren’t the best ever but they were cool. We ended up laying down on this little balcony bit watching them and relaxing, and I really got the feeling that Tom enjoyed this especially. I even ended up adding atmosphere to this by singing some calming Japanese songs which he apparently also appreciated.

After this we went to see a beluga whale (love them so much) who actually turned out to be quite cheeky. After a while we worked out that he was playing a bit as well by blowing bubbles out of his blow hole, then sucking it back in through his mouth repeatedly until he got to the surface, took a breath, then started over again. At one point a little kid jumped up in front of him, and they basically started playing a game of intimidation tag with each other which was absolutely hilarious! (Beluga won)

We went off to the Fureai Lagoon where you can touch them and they were closed, but luckily the lady at the entrance consulted someone and let us in! So although we didn’t get too long, we got to run around and see a few more animals, and play with another beluga who was having a great time teasing us by splashing or spitting water at us and making us jump back. He was even threatening us first and making us jump back squealing. So you could tell that he has practice with this!

After this all of the local places were closed so we went to a convenience store to grab a little bit of evening food, and it’s off to bed now.

So oyasuminasai, and yay for beluga whales

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