Thursday 20th August – Kyoto

Today unfortunately we didn’t get to go to either the Ghibli or Animate store, but we did get to have a day of temples! Lovely scenery, greenery, a building of gold, a calm tea and sugar cake to relax out of the heat, very expensive yet impressive paintings, and zen. Lot’s of zen. We went to the famous rock garden where Tom and I got to talk about what it represents. Strangely enough though, we ended up on philosophising about FFX and defiance in the face of adversity. So I suppose that the garden did it’s job! Something which I really found though, I really wanted to dance on it. The chaos of the storm in the calming art. It would have been absolutely amazing. Shame it would probably get me in jail, but I really wanted to. The perfect zen stage to become beauty itself through movement.

On another note, lunch was skipped but for dinner we had a traditional meal in the ryokan. The lady served us well and although I shied away from certain things like the whole shrimp which I tried to break open to eat, and just had to hide under a lettuce leaf in the end. There was a bit where you needed to cook the egg and add it to a mixture yourself, so of course I got that everywhere, but the pudding was really nice.

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