Monday 17th August 08 – Shinjuku

Okay I’m gonna keep this short as today hasn’t been great for me health wise.

I’m in futon feeling a little ill, stomach is churning, but let’s hope that I’m better in the morning.
Our first stop today was Ueno Park where I got rather roasted in the blistering heat, and later on I managed to accidentally tick someone off. So those mixed with my upset tummy have left me a little sour.

On the plus side, we got to see a gorgeous park, beautiful scenery, huge koi, and try Yakiniku. This is another place where you cook your meat, this time over a grill. I found that my slow eating didn’t work to my advantage portions wise at all, but with my stomach now maybe that was a good thing. We also had purple ice-cream with an undisclosed flavour for dessert. Quite nice!

And you know the best bit? I got a yukata! With shoes and everything! Purple mochiron, and a very patient shop attendant who showed me hour to do it and patiently tried to understand my rather broken Japanese.

I even had two ladies giggle and call me kawaii so I think that I must have been rather amusing. So that’s what you pay about £150 for!

And on a side note, we stumbled into the hobby section, where there were absolutely tons of various jewels used for self decoration.

Today unfortunately didn’t involve Shibuya after all, but although it didn’t run all that smoothly or end that well, I’m rather proud of not getting burnt, and my fabulous new purchase.


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