Saturday 15th August 08 – Asakusa

Konnichiwa! So I’m sitting in the Asakusa Ryokan with Tom, Petros and Colin with Steph getting changed just a sliding door away. There are great little snacks, sweets, kneeling cushions, futons, tatami, and some kind of cute puppy game show on the TV.

But just to jump back, today started yesterday on the long flight over.
However this was a great introduction to the advanced technology here. Not once did I need to use my DS as we had a huge choice of films, games, music (including JPop channels) and a pillow and blanket. However I found sleeping extremely uncomfortable.

Well we just went for some food which turned out to bw small, but brilliantly put together. I’ll be honest that a lot of it wasn’t to my liking, but it turns out that I love maguro (cooked, salted fish) Strangely enough there wasn’t pudding, but I didn’t mind as we got to take our shoes off, sit on the cushions, and tatami, and listen to peaceful Japanese music. Although seiza position hurt! Ittai!
Afterwards we went to a convenience store where I found so much more to buy! Although maybe not the pack of little octopus tentacleas. Blegh!

So a list of some things are:
Businessman Ninja
Grape Fanta
Hello Kitty Corn Snacks
Sweet filled bread thing
Green tea Kit Kat
And the infamous Calpico and tuna mayo onigiri!

With all of this choice and more, Tom got an ice’cream…

On the walk back we retraced our earlier steps where you got to see plenty of pictures, lanterns and potential gifts. But you know what the best part is? It wasn’t through a TV screen! It was real. I can see the little details like maneki neko, smell the cooking noodles, feel the humid yet pleasantly warm air on my face under the clear night sky, and hear the surprisingly loud chorus of cicada!
It’s plain magic *

On another note, we are now watching para dancing, and Run DMC on the TV while settling down for some hard earned rest. Petros and Colin have only just met yet bathed naked together, Tom is completely pooped, and I’m simply excited yet worried that I’ll miss something amazing in the coming 2 weeks.

So to take full advantage of this, I’d best get to futon ready for the ohaiyo brekkers.


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