2016 Mar – Hidden Rooms – Chain Reaction

3 – 5 people

Still feeling flush with our great time at Oubliette, we went to try Hidden Rooms. We’d managed to get a really good deal on this one too, so there were 9 of us, meaning that we took up both rooms.

First off, I feel that I should mention how we found it. It was on a side road, and really quite easy to miss. There was the Hidden Room logo, but this is actually set up in a house! This was both good and bad. Good because it’s nice to know that the makers are invested, they live there! It also sparks back up that imagination that you could make your own escape room one day… We’ll see…

The down side, was that it was really difficult, and slightly scary to find if it’s late and dark. We had to walk into a dark side car space, and hop over some mud to get to the front door step. Not the worst thing to encounter, but not quite as dazzling as some of the other entrances we’ve experienced.

So they had a nice waiting area with a few puzzles and sweets, a water cooler, and a rack for you to hang all of your things. This really hit home the personal touch, making you feel more like you are calling on a relative than visiting a business.

We were advised that Prison Break was the harder one, so after various trips to the toilet, my group of 5 took that.

The room itself, was pretty well themed. No out of place air conditioners, or half peeled stickers. Being prison themed, I don’t imagine that it will ruin it for you to know that there was writing on the walls, and a general slightly dismal vibe. But not overly so. One of the many things written on the wall was ‘Simon likes cheese’. I get the feel that they are catering to a wider audience, rather than the adrenaline junkies, so if you intend to bring younger ones, I wouldn’t be too concerned.

There were a couple of nice surprises which we hadn’t encountered before, and one we’d JUST encountered in Oubliette which made a couple of us groan! But overall it was pretty fun! This room wasn’t as closely watched and hinted as some of the others, swapping out the hint screens for a single walkie talkie. So if you like more control over when you need help, that’s an advantage.

But overall, we actually found the room pretty easy. We’ve not really said that before, but both teams said the same. We both escaped with 20 minutes to spare, even though our team in the harder room had 2 people who’d never played before! And we only needed to contact them by walkie talkie once, checking if we were allowed to touch one of the clues. The rules for this place were that you couldn’t touch things with a ‘Danger Danger’ sticker, but one of the stickered items was a part of the room you needed to use!

So my conclusion? Fun, easy, hard to find. If you are looking for something a little cheaper to get a taste for the whole experience, this room might be for you.

HINT: Prison Break: Don’t go first.

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