2016 Feb – Oubliette

4 – 8 people

The best! This place was so amazing! We originally found them on Kickstarter, and they looked so promising, we jumped on the bandwagon straight away. Shortly after they opened, we went in, and the whole thing was fantastic from start to finish. They didn’t have the grand entrance that Time Run did, or the amount of space, but they really did make the most of it. A very pleasant greeting, a very unique briefing (VERY refreshing) and a story which I felt actually went with the room! We really were in New Pelagia, taking down the Ministry of Perception and the JCN master computer!

I would like to add, that there is a slight amount of roleplaying in, so if that’s not your thing, don’t worry, the majority of the whole thing is the escaping the room. But they really made you feel included and like you were working to save the masses! They also, in another refreshing twist, gave you more control over your hints! Long gone are the days where you are looking up at the hint screen with a pleading expression, hoping for help from on high with your puzzle. In this one, you have a limited number of hint tokens, which not only gives you more control, but a sense of pride when you chose not to use one, or feel like you’re earned your hint.

This is also one of the very few rooms which takes up to 8 people! So if you have more than 5 wanting to join, this is the room to do it in. That being said, we were unexpectedly short due to illness and calendar conflicts, and we only had 4. We managed it!… JUST. Same with Time Run! These two rooms are in a league all on their own. They have actually paid attention to detail, included cool gadgets, stayed in character, and really helped you feel that your money went towards an EXPERIENCE.

As is often the way, this room did have that one puzzle that none of us could figure out for ages, but if it wasn’t challenging, where would be the fun?

We also had quite a few fun interactions, like when something went wrong, they rolled with it beautifully. When we had made a puzzle almost unsolvable, they got us out of the rut. When we were supposed to be serious and role play with one of the actors, everyone realised that it was starting, and walked straight back out of the ‘portal’ to take their coats off! This meant that I was in fits of giggles at the situation, and when everyone walked back in the actor simply said ‘oh, so you’re back in are you?’ With just the right comedic tone. Their ability to resist corpsing was strong, and they even had fun merchandise available to purchase at the end! Most of these places congratulate you, take a picture (which they might or might not lose) and send you on your way. This place actually had some fun things you could take with you like the ‘unedited’ Fables of Aesop (approved by the Ministry of Perception). And it is as funny as you would imagine.

They even ask at the beginning if you are okay with them taking pictures while you are solving the puzzles. We weren’t aware of it at all while we were solving the room, but it will be great to see us running around like headless chickens when those are sent through.

Again, I’m having to keep very shtum about exactly what happened, as there was so much that was fantastic, and I really would recommend that you book, and give it a go yourselves. It had just the right amount of geeky, and non-geeky to entertain the fiction lover, and average Joe alike, and the staff were immensely friendly, showing massive smiles in contrast to the roles they were playing before. You can really tell that this room has been a labour of love, and if they make another, I AM THERE.

I would definitely recommend.

HINT: If you have tokens by the end, use them! They’re no use to you once it’s over!

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