2015 Oct – Secret Studio

3 – 6 people

Our first horror themed escape the room! Not as hardcore as trying to keep away from a zombie, the story they use for this one is that there was a murder and… there was a lot going on. I find it hard to keep track of the reason why we are doing these puzzles outside of the fact that they are good fun.

The atmosphere for this one was just enough to keep you on your toes with a little bit of darkness, a few thumps, and spooky music. But if you’re worried, please keep in mind that we had one claustrophic, and one person whom was afraid of the dark, and they still had a great time.

This one wasn’t as flashy as say, Time Run or ClueQuest, it seemed a little more budget in the entrance and small briefing area, but to be fair, that didn’t take away from the main event, escaping the room. And the room was great fun. It had some retro gear which was just old enough that we had to figure it out, the hints were well timed, and there were some bits which I won’t spoil for you, but had many of us admiring the ingenuity behind it long after we’d finished the day.

A little bonus, if you have 2 groups, the first group can secretly watch the second on the screen in the briefing room with the hint guy. You need to be quiet of course, you wouldn’t want to distract them, but it gives you great insight as to how stupid you all look. One prime example is when one of my friends had to explain to someone ‘No, I don’t think gravity works like that’. We were all desperately trying to stifle our giggles for that one.

Also, this game brought a new element into play asides from horror. It was more linear.
Now, this isn’t to say that it was boring at all. But many of the other rooms we had been to, especially HintHunt, had multiple things for everyone to do and congolomerate. This one was much more this puzzle, leads to the next, leads to the next. So our team of seasoned veterans, were out of practice of dropping everything and all working on one problem at a time. We barely made it! Whereas the other team who had only played Time Run thus far, did extraordinarily well! You could see them on the screen moving around the room almost like a pack of sheep, putting every mind to each task, and solving it that much faster. It was inspiring to see, and encouraged the rest of us to rely on each other just a little more next time.

At the end we got the usual request to take a victory pose for the camera, but on this occasion, they lost our pictures! This might have just been a mistake, or a technical fault. It might have been a once off, but I did find them a little dismissive over claiming that they had sent the picture, then saying that they had one but not the other, then not sending any at all. This didn’t interfere with the fun of the day, but I would really recommend that you take pictures with your own cameras/phones. As this has happened to me now with Secret Studio and ClueQuest, I would recommend that you get backup victory pics if you would like to document your time. Then at least you have that piece of mind.

Overall, the whole thing was slightly spooky, not too hardcore to turn you off, really encouraged you to work as a closer knit team, and it had some fantastic surprises which I’ll let you find out for yourselves.

I would definitely recommend.

HINT: Five heads are better than one           (And bring your own camera)

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