2015 Oct – ClueQuest – Plan52 Room

3-5 people

Very professional. These guys had a massive waiting space for the briefing, with loads of little singular puzzles for you to fiddle with while you’re waiting! Equipped with friendly staff, a cartoon mouse, and nice clarification that here, the things you don’t break are the things with a specific sticker on. The pro, it’s nice to know what you’re allowed to pull apart, and what not to. Con, the stickers were half pulled off so sometimes you had to do a double take to figure out if you should be fiddling with it.

There was a good amount of space for their puzzle, and they were happy to play the competitive angle when we had a team of girls vs team of boys thing going on. They also did something the others hadn’t, in specifying that you couldn’t guess puzzles and combinations, you had to actually figure them out. This sounds harsh, but makes sense. Otherwise you could have one team claiming an immoral/lucky victory over the others who did it properly!
This did mean that at one point when a friend and I were panicking, we started flicking switches and got a hint message reminding us that we were being naughty.

But beware, if you are lucky enough to correctly guess a combination, you will be asked to time out! Naughty boys!

Overall, it was great fun! There were a couple of moments where we really weren’t sure what to do, and I think these guys are slightly less giving on the hints which could be good or bad depending on your personal preference. Bigger sense of victory when you get it on your own, but also more time just standing there at a loss as to what to do… Basically, ClueQuest has a slightly higher difficulty setting in that regard.

And in case you are wondering, the girls won! With the boys making it with literally A SECOND TO SPARE! You should have heard their almighty roar when they made it out.

At the end, they congratulate you, really give you constructive feedback, and even have a water cooler for you to use and realise just how thirsty you were. Overall this one was slightly stingy on the hints, and they lost our vitory photo, but it was very fun and very professional. You felt very taken care of.

I would definitely recommend.

HINT: Crawl all over that floor     (And bring your own camera)

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