2015 Jul – Time Run – The Lance of Longinus

time run
3 – 5 people

This. Place. Was. Fantastic. SO much fun! From when you arrive to when you leave, they have put so much thought in. The other ones we’ve been to were good, but the stories were flimsy. Someone is stealing an old mans money, recover the will. There was a murder, investigate, and… something to do with a scientist? To be honest, let’s face it, they lock you in a room for an hour, and you solve puzzles. It’s a simple formula which surprisingly fun repurcussions. There doesn’t need to be a rhyme or reason why you found yourself in this room, other than that you wanted to play an escape the room. Every piece of paper with an old man’s message to how you need to help him feels pointless if it’s wordy, you’re on the clock, and it doesn’t help you open the next lock.

Except here, they REALLY made it immersive. This is the first one where I really felt like I was somewhere else. There was banter with the staff in character, the place was beautifully decorated, and I would love to tell you more, but honestly it will have more impact when you see it for yourself. Just, try it. Please.

I would also recommend it for first timers. This time we brought along 2 teams of 5, wished each other luck, and split off to begin the adventure. Our team made it, the other team were close, but they weren’t miffed. They came out positively glowing, and brimming with stories! I was initially a little concerned that they would be a little overwhelmed, but each one of them asked to get involved for the next one!

This place even handed out little scorecards for you to take away, with your time, and even how many hints you needed! With tons of picture opportunities at the end. The puzzles were varied and inventive, the staff were great actors and friendly people, and this one was even quite spacious in comparison to the ones we’ve done before. This played into our hands, as one of our number is quite claustrophobic. But after the initial panic and a little reassurance from their partner, they were running around solving puzzles with the rest of them, and came out beaming.

The only, and I mean only two downsides to this place, was one puzzle which both teams struggled with, and I personally found a little frustrating near the end. That’s not to say that other teams feel the same, it might just not have played to our strengths. And the other is location. It’s possible that they got the bigger space because they chose somewhere which was a bit out of the way, but it’s a short walk from the train station, and you just might want to take a bus like we did if you’d like to follow it up with a meal.

But overall, the best escape room we’ve been to so far, and I desperately hope that they come up with a new room to challenge us with. We’ll be ready.

I would definitely recommend.

HINT: Know your deities

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