2015 May – Escape Land – Steampunk Room

Escape Land
3 – 5 people

That’s it! We’re hooked! We’ve been to all that Hint Hunt currently has to offer, it’s time to spread our wings.
So we took a chance on a Steampunk escape the room! It wasn’t as well advertised, was comparatively cheaper, but had fantastic reviews and a number of us were steampunks so it was the natural choice.

Again, one of us was late, and I would really recommend lying to your friends about when it starts if they are anything like mine. Escape Land kindly waited for us, but all escape rooms ask that you arrive early and if you miss out, it really will be a shame. Arrange to meet at a café first, or to walk together from the train station or something, but these places squeeze people in for an hour of escaping, and a tiny window in between each one to reset the room. This is on top of briefing you at the beginning, and congratulating you at the end. So, get there early, they will have seating.

Moving on, we got in, apologised, and were sat down for the briefing. By this point we are feeling a little cocky, admitting that we have done this before, and we know not to break things. This place didn’t actually have somewhere for you to put your bags, so we were allowed to take them in the room with us. This had both pros and cons. With Hint Hunt, you weren’t allowed to take your things in. So you are free from checking your messages, but you might worry about where your things are or that they are being looked after. With this place, we knew where our belongings were, and it was nice that they trusted us not to cheat, but there was one point where one of us picked up my bag about to search it for clues.

This one, again, pulled out the big guns, and did some things that Hint Hunt hadn’t. There were less numbers and padlocks, and more out of the box things like physical puzzles where you needed both your brain, and coordination. This room made it absolutely ESSENTIAL that you work together, at least in pairs, and we were impressed by what they came up with!

Another big difference with this place, they actually made the end more exciting! I won’t tell you what happens, but it’s better than just opening a door. It’s something that we’d discussed before. They set up a story, a reason why you’re there, why you only have an hour (the police will get you etc.) But when you do escape, it’s just a door. Escape Land put some more thought into this element.

Overall, this one was incredibly fun. You might not appreciate the Victorian/Steampunk element if that’s not your thing, but it felt like the underdog contender. It was less smooth than the Hint Hunt rooms in my opinion, but the haphazard element gave it its own distinguishable style which I thoroughly enjoyed.

I would definitely recommend.

HINT: Don’t be shy

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