2015 Mar – Hint Hunt – JM’s Room

3-5 people

We loved the Zen Room so much, we HAD to go back. And this time, we were prepared… or so we thought.

Again, we inconvenienced the staff by having everyone suddenly realise they needed to use the facilities before they were locked in a room for an hour, we entrusted our bags to them, and walked in. It felt like we’d stepped back into something exciting and foreign. Like we were returning soldiers who were eyeing every single item in the room as if we were super paranoid that one of them would jump out and say boo.

They locked the door, the timer started, and we again, leapt into action. But we were caught off guard! We had learnt a few tips and tricks in the last one, but JM’s room threw some curve balls at us and they made it all the more satisfying to overcome.

Again, I don’t want to spoil it for you, but this room had a lovely oldy sense, wooden furniture, and this time, lots of things to take off of the walls. There was even one bit where we managed to accidentally cheat one of the puzzles. It was hilarious because the hint screen was prompting us that we needed something else to solve it, but by that point my friend had already retrieved the key! Once again, a bonding experience as we collectively hoped that we wouldn’t get told off as we technically only used what was available in the room! The staff were fine with it.

Two minor drawbacks to this place, they had a dehumidifier which we weren’t allowed to touch. Not a massive inconvenience, but it was a bit big, and didn’t really go with the rest of the room. Also, we were used to checking every surface now, which lead me to grab a chair, and run my hands along the windowsills. They hadn’t dusted.

We succeeded in this room too, cutting it a little close, and were now feeling like we were unstoppable! Something we now enjoy doing and something I’d recommend for you, is to figure out where you’re going to eat after. As you will leave filled with adrenaline, and you will want to talk about the amazing experience you’ve all just had! That time when so and so had their backside in the air for something we’d already unlocked. That open drawer that everyone assumed that someone had looked at, leaving poor forgotten clues forgotten. Or that moment where the music picked up and we all began to puzzle solve just that little bit faster. It’s great to let off a little steam after with your comrades in arms.

I would definitely recommend.

HINT: Check EVERY surface, even if it’s big

  2 comments for “2015 Mar – Hint Hunt – JM’s Room

  1. MAC
    May 24, 2016 at 10:27 pm

    My girlfriend dragged me up to this so I was a little skeptical and knew nothing about it on arrival but I have to say it was a great way to spend an hour. Such good fun trying to find all the hints and get yourself out within the hour, it actually felt like we were in the room about 20 minutes but our time was up. We were in the Zen room on this visit but we ll definitely be back to check out the other rooms.

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