Thursday 11th October 12 – Busch Gardens.2

Busch Gardens! Oh so much that we didn’t realise was there.

We started the day by not leaving enough time for breakfast again, and walking down to the Crab House to catch our coach. No turtle video this time! I was interested in what I missed! But I did fall asleep again as they were just playing music. That plus movement equals a sleepy Coral.

Once we got there, we made a beeline for Gwazi, going clockwise this time. And guess what? No queue! Wheeeeeee! So much fun! When I was a kid, my one problem with this ride (other than the smell of sick from the previous people) was that I was quite tiny and all of the sharp turns kept slamming me against the sides. Now, my hips have, expanded, and it was a great ride! On the way out though, I found out that the other half of it wasn’t running, and there was no Gwazi merchandise in the shop! Obviously not as big a deal as it used to be, but I would definitely say that it holds it’s own against modern day rides.

Next up was something unexpected, but actually turned out to possibly be the favourite part of our day. Kangaroos! So cute! And you’d think their fur would be course. No. Fluffy. And there seemed to be a baby whom had escaped, so we were petting him and he seemed to be loving it. There was also a place for you to buy food to feed them, but the baby and the others were still eating all of the dropped bits so I picked some of them up and got to feed them for free. It was great! At one point, I had a kangaroo just take his time licking my left arm! No idea why, maybe I taste good. And although I wasn’t taunting him, there was a bit where I was getting some more food out of my pockets, and the kangaroo leant out and put both of his hands on mine to eat out of my hand. So cute! And Oli and I took turns feeding while the other took pictures ^^

Walking around we also saw an emu, and a baby roo climbing very I ungracefully into his mothers pouch.

Then it was on to the bird enclosure! As soon as we walked in, one landed on Oli’s shoulder and made his presence known by screeching into his ear! Then one did the same to me before it flew off! Cheeky. But they didn’t stay long, as we didn’t have any nectar. So we walked around and got some! I went first, and ended up with the birds fighting over the cup! So I got my other arm up to give all of them enough space. It also helped me as the less they fought, the less they dug their feet into my arms! Oli went next, and they really seem to like his shoulders and head! And making him jump! At one point one seemed to just be pecked at the back of his head, and another he was fascinated with trying to eat his arm hair! So much for the nectar! But it was a fantastic experience.

After this we walked past the deer and anteater, and went on Sheikra! Possibly my favourite? Not sure. But again, practically no queue, and they dangle you face down above the drop before they let you go. Great view, and very very thrilling! From that angle looking down, you can’t even see the track below you! So cool.

After this we went to see the tigers again, and this time we could see 2 white ones and 1 orange one all together and looking up. It looked like they were in anticipation of feeding time, but we waited and didn’t see anything. Maybe there’s something we don’t know, but one thing we did know was that it was our feeding time! So we went to the Bengal Bistro, Oli had the meatball sub and carrot cake, me the fish wraps and cherry cheesecake. Didn’t finish it, but it was oh so tasty. And watching the scavenging squirrel and birds was amusing too.

Full tummies on the move, we checked out Tidal Wave which was still closed we reckon due to the fright night thing, and the 4D theatre which also didn’t seem to be working. So we moved on to Scorpion which was a little tamer, but still fun and had no queue again. It definitely seems that if they want to make it more child friendly, they throw in more sharp u turns to the side to rattle your teeth instead.

Next up was followed by going to see the safari animals again, and perfecting my ability to get more camera shots of very far off animals. Then it was on to the sky ride where I continued to perfect this ability, and tried not to rock the thing as you can get immediately kicked out for that. But it’s not very stable!

Once we were off, we headed into tutankhamun’s fake tomb, where I was asking Oli questions about how it compared to the real pyramids he’s been into. And back out to the boiling heat. But finally! Time for the one ride we’d missed before, Montu! So good, that Oli was happy to run (walk) around and ride it again! And he’s really starting to like these rides! Near the end of the holiday but still. Yaaaaay! It’s also hilarious that every time they slow in the middle, he thinks the ride is over then gets surprised when we speed off again! Its always funny to hear him go ‘ah that was good… Shiiiiiiiit!’ and every suspenseful bit is met with ‘nonononononononono!’ heeheehee.

Then it was on to the curiosity caverns, for nocturnal or darkness dwelling creatures. I want a bush baby! They’re so cute and you simply can’t keep track of them as they bounce around the room. I honestly couldn’t follow them with my eyes they were that fast!

We also got to see the not so rare stupid family in front of the turtle and baby gator tank. ‘that doesn’t look like a gator, it looks like a Turtle to me. It even has a shell.’ ‘no, it says gator tank, see?’ ‘oh well it must be a gator then’ and no hint of sarcasm……. Moving on.

We saw the gorillas and chimps again, and the alligators, went back to briefly visit the kangaroos, and saw some free range peacocks walking along and seemingly bobbing their heads to the lively music! Love it! It did also remind me of something I forgot to mention from the last time at Busch Gardens. Again at the end of the day, we saw 2 younger peacocks waiting outside the shop! There was a lady there whom said that they keep trying to get in and cause a disturbance, so she has to keep watch. In the meantime, they were just standing there, or pecking at the wind chimes and making themselves jump!

Then it was off back home. No photos to buy as the photo scheme there is rubbish, but we got to see parts of 2 films on the coach. The end of Ice Age 3? 4? The one with the pirate monkey. And the first half of the turtle vid! Some very sad bits in there though. Then we walked back to the hotel, got changed, and walked around the shops looking both for a place to eat, and to browse the electrical goods. Unfortunately, all of the electrical good places looked incredibly dodgy, so we really didn’t want to risk getting anything from there. The electrical goods section of Walmart was sold out too! What’s going on here? And finally we found a great place to eat called Chilis. Unlike Disney, they did massive portions, and again we have leftovers in the fridge! But it was great, the waiter was very friendly, and it’s always nice to just sit, talk, and relax at the end of the day.

Then it was back to the hotel and shortly after, sleep.

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