Wednesday 10th October 12 – Hollywood Studios

So I forgot to mention one thing from yesterday, the birds!
Uh uh uh uh uh EH!
Uh uh EH! Uh EH!
There just seemed to be one bird completely off key with the others, but doing his best and joining in anyway. We’ve all been there right?

So, it’s on to Disney! Our final day at Disney :( and we decided to visit Hollywood studios! Mega excited about this one! Again though, it was a van then a coach, so when you get there it had better be worth it. And it was.

Started by doing what we always do. Popping into the first available shop to browse, laugh at some of the merchandise, and make use of the air conditioning.then we heard some music so I ran out ready to film a Disney parade! It was one, but it was more of a kids rock high school musical style single float, with some kids in trendy gear on it. Not exactly the same, but I suppose it’s good that they’re keeping with the times by shouting out ‘Rock!’ no less than 50 times.

We didn’t stop to watch them for too long, instead moving on to the Indiana Jones ride. When I was a kid, I remember staying in the park late enough, so that there were no queues left. This was proceeded by us running around and around to get back on, until the guy told us we could just stay seated! Awesome! Unfortunately we weren’t quite so lucky with a queue time of 60 minutes, so we moved on.

Star Tours! So much better than I remember it, but the queue was exactly the same. You can tell its close as a giant AT-AT looms in the distance, and the start of the queue is under him and through a mini Endor. Then its into a space station, where you can see R2D2 and C3PO sharing banter, a big screen with Star Tours marketing on it, and ‘it’s a trap!’ In one of the windows above your head. Through the next door you get to see many more droids, including 2 which were talking about moving along and stuff. The actual ride itself was great, and it was hilarious as there was a clearly VERY devoted fan whom made the odd quote at appropriate times.

Then it was on to another fairly oldie but a goodie, the muppets 4D! Again, practically no queue for this one (until we walked back later when it was huge) and just like I remember, they keep you entertained while you’re waiting. Sam Eagle in the middle of explaining his piece celebrating all countries…. And mostly America when he gets told something and says that ladies and gentlemen, he is very proud and honoured to present, Mickey Mouse! Then on comes Rizzo in a pair of Mickey ears humming the MMclub song! After which he gets kicked back off again. Love the muppets. The show itself, despite feeling very slightly dated, was fantastic in that it was pure chaos, one minute Kermit has everything under control, then you’re in the science lab watching Beaker spin around on a cog before the spirit of 3D gets loose so they suck reality into a vacuum before Kermit opens a door and takes you to a rendition of something slightly melodic as its sung by Miss Piggy and violence and cuteness and overall hilarity ensues.

After this, our tummies were rumbling as we’d kinda not got up early enough for our free breakfast! So we had a look at the expensive and long queued Pizza Palace, the short queued but less appealing corn dog van, and the massive queued didn’t even see the price sandwich place! In the end we settled for this great little Italian place in the middle which I would definitely recommend to anyone going. It’s got just the right touch of class, and Disney at the same time.

Example? For food Oli had spaghetti and meatballs (I said he needed to push it along the plate with his nose) and I the chicken and pasta thing. They were proper, lovely meals, with Parmesan grated on by a lady and it was all underneath fair lights. On the side of the table, we had an alcoholic drink with a glow cube in it which made it constantly change colour (we ended up staring at it for a little while) and a Minute Maid punch in a Little Mermaid cup with a light up Little Mermaid clipped onto the straw. And you get to keep the cube and cup and clip on Ariel as a part of the price! We were thoroughly stuffed by the end of this. But when looking at the menu just in case, they had the best looking amaretti cheesecake. Oh god it was so good. We were stuffed but it was so good.

After this we hauled our bellies out of there and down the road to the tours thing. Unfortunately this doesn’t run on any days other than Sunday! Rubbish! But we plodded on to the Pixar section. Absolutely jam packed. Seriously squished by the many many people. Wait times shot up to 100 minutes! But we did get to see one of the plastic soldiers, and I got a picture with him, and a signature in my autograph book. He also took notice of my T-Rexy and I know it top and imitated a dino (as he couldn’t talk).

After this, we checked out ‘One mans dream’ all about Walt Disney, and how things came to pass. Very interesting, and the only creepy but was the display bit with a robotic Abe Lincoln, with lots of baby dolls around him.

After this we visited the massive Chinese looking building near the middle of the park where they had a ride dedicated to films. Actually very good where you go through a gangsters alley, to the old west, through a space ship where 2 Aliens attacked. One was right next to Oli and I felt him shift away from it! Aw!

One thing I would say against this ride, the acting. Oh dear. They had a lady on the thing with us, then a gangster pointed a gun at her (Disney!) and replaced her, then spent a while spouting out stuff about let’s get outta here and who’s this and give me your valuables, then went up to get the treasure from the mummy which turned him into a skeleton. After this the original lady popped out with the explanation ‘I told you I only went to get popcorn’.

When? When did you say that? Why are you so unconvincing? Why do we keep stopping for this?

Overall the ride was good, but I think it would have been a little smoother if they just cut out the really amateur dramatics. Seriously, I don’t mean to be mean, but Oli agreed with me that they really weren’t very convincing.

Anywho, after that we had a look at some of the floor signatures, and hand and foot prints, turns out I’ve got the exact same hand and feet size as Liza Minelli! And we headed off to the east side of the park. On the way we saw 3 guys (a bit like the 3 stooges doing a comedy bit (much more convincing) and spraying water over everyone in the street in the process!

Then it was on to the Aerosmith ride. You sit in, they count down 5! 4! 3! 2! 1! GO! And you zoom off at super speed while they blare rock music into your ears (proper rock not that stuff where they just kept shouting the word this morning) Although, Oli seemed to have broken it somehow as, instead to it taking of at hi speeds, we heard the above stuff, and stayed exactly where we were. This was then followed by sitting with no music for a good long while, and no one to come over and explain. Luckily they didn’t ask us to get out though, and when we did blast off it was that more thrilling. Also we did find it surprising that they asked us to put our belongings on the floor, when we went upside down! I just put my bag strap around my leg, and my Ariel cup in my pocket for extra measure.

After this we headed back out, past the sky writing about loving god, and back to the Little Mermaid show. So cute! And I loved all the bubbles. It’s only 17 minutes long though so the story was basically told as, girl wants to go to the surface, no one stops her, a transvestite takes her voice and gives her legs, she kills the transvestite, and he dad gives her legs at which point the prince comes out of nowhere and decides he loves her. But overall it is very sweet.

After this we headed back, stopping only to take pictures on the bike in Endor, and layer on the shop across the road from the hotel. Funny shirts, cheapo souvenirs, and gator heads to scare the wits out of you right by the entrance! After that it was an evening of burgers from Burger King, Checkers, (the worlds largest) McDonald’s, and Denny’s!

In last place came the McDonald’s one which in my opinion tasted plain nasty. Second place came BK and Checkers which were equally succulent, and first place (although it cheated and came with a meal) was Dennys which came with hash brown and a fried egg. Very tasty, very impossible to eat. And all in front of family guy before again, conking out.

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