Tuesday 9th October 12 – Sea World.2

Seeeeeaaaa Wooooorld!

Right. On a mission, do everything we didn’t do last time.

Check out the Shamu stadium, arrive just in time! Although it was good, I have to admit that it seemed to be a little less focused on what the whales could do, and more on splashing you. It’s good, but you could go to a water park for that. But the whales were awesome.

Onwards to Pets Ahoy. Didn’t hold out much hope for this one as it wasn’t very well advertised. Turned out to be fantastic! They used, rats, cats, gods, birds, and even a pig. The comedy was great, the animals well trained, and we could only really see one mistake. They had cute little jokes like a white cat and a black cat jumping into a barrel, then 3 black and white cats jumped back out. We had a cat walk on the high wire over the audience and not seem to have a problem at all. We saw a dog lift a fake weight with an unraveling sign underneath it saying ‘can Shamu do this?’ and you got to pet 2 of the dogs at the end. But what I was really impressed by, was when they had a woman come out at one point to let us know that all of these animals were adopted from shelters! She also made a plea for us to do the same.

After the show, we went back out into the humid air which really was stifling. We checked out a shop which had a mini aquarium in it, and then headed over to Kraken. Awesome! Another one of those ones which flings you this way and that, but Oli liked it! Yaaaaaaay!

We didn’t go on Journey to Atlantis (log flume) as it was broken, but we did walk around to see the gators we’d missed last time. They were tiny! And like their previously seen bigger family at Busch Gardens, they seemed to keep very still. We also saw terapins in there! Surprising that those 2 would get along really. The other funny part, is that the fence for these tiny gators, seemed much thicker and taller than the one separating us from those biguns…..

Next to that was the manatees, so I had another peek at them whilst Oli was trying to guide a tiny lizard to safety without scaring him and making him jump in the water. As we were then walking on to see the sea lions, we noticed that the dolphins were gathering for a feeding, they’re so cute! And one of the feeding ladies said that you could ask her questions!

Some things I found out were that she couldn’t tell the difference between them when she started, but 7 months later its easy (she can tell by the shape of the head), they all get fed equal amounts unless ones been greedy in the public feeding, some of them have names like Pig and Tiger, each dolphin has a different personality and likes different trainers, and the mothers get to rest in the tranquility of the nursery pool nearer the entrance when pregnant or rearing their young. The males don’t really play the dad role, but they sometimes put nurturing females in the pool so that, when mum needs a rest, the other female naturally looks after the baby for a while!

Moving on we visited the sea lions. Another great highlight of the day! So lively, so cute, so funny, and very entertaining. In front of us we could see a mother and baby cuddled together asleep, but the mother was using the baby almost as a pillow and kept pushing him with her head to get comfy! Baby then kept wriggling in his sleep, but still put a flipper over her face to check she was there before curling his tail up and hugging his flippers in a really cute way. There were 2 other sea lions fighting over a place on a rock, and they ended up zooming about the place play fighting and making a lot of noise. Neither ended up on the rock. There was one down and to the right of us who was snoring away, and when he flipped over you could see a big load of dribble all over his face, and you could see this MASSIVE sea lion further out who kept just shouting at no one for seemingly no reason. We found out he wasn’t even the dominant male! Then he came over and honked very loudly at mama and baby which woke them up. Mama got annoyed and started having a go at Bigun while baby toddled off. Snorey woke up and started climbing over all of the other sleeping sea lions, causing them all to wake up and move in a domino like effect, while Baby was trying and surely failing to climb up a rock. He did take a sort of lollopping run up at one point, but only succeeded at splatting against the side, and holding himself there wondering what to do next. Meanwhile mama and Bigun were still bickering, but you could see her calling and checking that baby was okay and him calling back that he was alright.

After that we walked back discussing just how many people we’d seen in those scooter things by the looks of it for no reasons to do with disability so much as food, and then it was home to watch a little of Cowboys vs. Aliens, and then Dr. Horribles Sing along Blog! Been on the net for ages, first time airing on Tv and we got it! Singing along and everything.

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