Sunday 7th October 12 – Magic Kingdom

Sunday 7th October 12 – Magic Kingdom

Hello! Back again with renewed vigor! I admit, I didn’t easily get up this morning so I’ve got 2 days worth to add now. Hope I remember it all!

Okay so first was Disney! We decided to start with the Magic Kingdom, as is easy going, child friendly (so… friendly) and has the pirates of the Caribbean ride for Oli. We’ve been searching for the right pirate hat for him for ages but he’s been so picky! I’ll get back to that though.

So we did the usual get up, blunder around, have breakfast, I smothered myself in sticky sun cream, we put our lenses in and left looking like red eyed stoners. Perfect for Disney.

Getting there was a little smoother, although we still ended up with the same grumpysan but he seemed okay. We had a choice of taking the boat or the monorail. Boats are more piratey, so we got on and for some reason, Oli made a beeline for the back of the boat. Because there were less people there?

We cruised along, the scenery was beautiful, we saw little islands which reminded us of Jurassic park, and saw loads of discarded change! I’ll have it! If not for the approaching magic, I would have been incredibly tempted to dive right in there. And along the way I got to find out why we were at the back of the boat. Oli thought that it was the front! He’s gonna make such a good pirate!

So we got off, I had my bag checked, and it was on to the magic! I know that this park is more for kids, but it’s great to see that castle up there basking in the sunlight. For once we started anticlockwise, and I’m glad we did as the first thing we found in future land was the Monsters Inc… Thing. We weren’t sure what it was really but we went in, and it was fantastic! The queuing can be a pain as unlike the other attractions, they don’t really keep you entertained. But when you get in, boy, I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes. The basic premise is that after the Monsters Inc movie where they discovered that laughter is 10 times more powerful than screams, they have come up with the idea of inviting humans to their laughter floor, to fill up bigger gigglewatt canisters. Basically, it’s like an open mike night at a monster comedy club! They have live voices, a camera and screen to pick people out of the audience, and a massive screen to show the monsters delivering the comedy. Really well done. My favourite bit by far was when they picked out this Japanese guy in the audience:

‘Hi! What’s your name?’
>bemused WHAT? face<
‘Okay so I am going to perform a trick and read your mind. Can you think of a number between 3 and 71?’
…………….. ‘Well this is going to be easy. Is your number…… Ummm…… 15?’
‘Hooray! Okay would you like to think of another number maybe a little less loud?’
…………..’Youre not really getting this are you. Do you speak much English Maximototan?’
‘Uhhhh….. No’
……….. >looking to the side of the stage< ‘WHAT DO I DO NOW?!?’


Opposite, we then went to the Lilo and Stitch ride. Well, Lilo wasn’t really in it. But I recognised it nonetheless!

Okay, backstory alert. As a kid, I had only older siblings, and at least in my mind, tried everything in my power to grow up fast, fit in, and join in with their jokes. This meant that went on almost every coaster I could and loved it, and got incredibly jealous when I couldn’t join them on the scarier attractions. Obviously this was a wise choice on my parents part. But I always remembered asking about one alien type ride where everyone sat in a circle, while an alien was called from the future. It was savage and unplanned, and panic struck as it then broke out of the central cylinder. The horror ensued as you had water thrown at you when it supposedly bit someones head off from above, and as it went around testing all of you, a fake rubber tongue would come out of the seat to lick your neck.

This is now magically transformed into the Stitch ride. Instead of blood, the water was slobber, instead of a tongue, we at least got a chilli dog burped at us from behind, and instead of the alien, it was…. well, a cuter alien. Cute, but the bar that comes down hurt my shoulders and I had to hold it above them for the whole thing. Maybe I’m just too sensitive, but we. Stitch was jumping up and down and they were pushing on my shoulders again, I was really glad that at least I didn’t have sunburn.

After this, I was very eager to move onto something a little more traditional, and don’t you know it, there was the Carousel of Progression! Disney set up this animatronic show, and it’s…. Quite long. It started out well enough. The animatronic Walt sits in front of you in the 20’s(?) and explains how technological advances have allowed him to have an oven! And how his wife no longer needs to take 3 days but 5 hours to do the laundry! Then it moves on while singing an upbeat ‘there’s a bright, big, beautiful tomorrow! Shining at the end of every day.’ now you’re in the 30’s(?) where things look a little more developed, he has lighting thanks to Edison, and a bath! Again with the song, and so on and so forth.

Kind of quaint, a bit long, but it really made you appreciate what we have. And then it started to get creepy. I mean, really creepy. It was hard to explain. But the last one was with futuristic stuff, everything was voice activated, even the oven which exploded cause Walt said a number wrong, the kid and gran were playing a virtual visor game like the one I mentioned in Disney Quest, and the Christmas tree was voice activated and spinning. And they were talking about how it can only go up from here and soon everything will be automated and we won’t need to worry or do anything and none of this was done with sarcasm. It seemed genuine. Again, hard to describe, but creepy.

Now to fill in a blank here, Oli and I (as I’ve mentioned before) went to see the Terminator show where they give you a creepy fake marketing short from Skynet. Shortly after this sitting in our room, we saw a genuine advert for automating your house. You can control the lights, the lock on the door, even every single household appliance from your device from up to a city away. We both looked at each other the , and we both did on this Carousel of Progress. Seriously. Kinda creeped out. And although some of you won’t get this reference, we realised that Disney did have his head cut off and frozen…. GLaDOS! GLaDOS and Skynet! It’s all making perfect sense!

After that, the forced cheerfulness and endless crowds (we shouldn’t have gone on a Sunday) felt a little off! But anyway back to the happy. We didn’t go on a lot of the kiddy rides, as the place was pretty packed! We really have been pretty lucky with our queues so far. Next up, Pirates of the Caribbean!

Pirates of the Caribbean! The same ride I was initially terrified of as a kid, as there were no bars holding us into the boat, and I didn’t realised that you just drifted through. They’ve updated it with new PotC references a little, you can see captain Jack poking his head out of barrels and stuff, but the ride is mostly the same. Apart from when it broke! That was new to me. We’d barely been on it long when we bumped into a long line of boats, and heard the echoey ‘Dead men tell no tales!’ over and over and over while a fake seagul regarded us from above.

Finally we did move, but by far my favourite part of the ride was just before it. We had this Japanese family behind us in the queue (me listening intently trying to pick up on words I knew) and they had the cutest little girl! She had a little dummy in her mouth, and was a little wobbly on her jelly shoe clad feet. Every time they put her down, she’d wobble for a bit then lunge forward and hug Oli’s legs! Took him by surprise the first time! But she was Soooooooo cute!

Ahem. Moving on. After the ‘meh’ pirate ride, we saw the end of a live pirate show out in the sun. The guy acting as captain Jack actually had the voice, humour and mannerisms down quite well, and I would’ve filmed more if that woman wasn’t holding her open umbrella up in the front row! No rain! But the funniest bit was when the captain turned around to see a kid in the audience shooting his newly acquired fake gun at anything and everything. ‘ what are you doing? It’s a box you can’t kill it…. Stop shooting my packages!’ it may not translate in text but it was hilarious.

After that, we were simply dying in the heat, so I got us another drink, and thought we’d try a strawberry Minute Maid Lemonade… I thought it would be like a really tasty icee! Not a tub of bitter bleh! So that was…. Savoured, for a bit before we just carried it around all day not wanting to waste it. Oh the things we do. Still suffering from the heat, we then moved into a shop we’d already visited just to enjoy the cooling. I managed to endure the heat to film the Disney parade (yaaaaaaaaaaay!) and then popped back into the shop to wipe off the magic. Having done pretty much all we wanted here, we decided to do a quick sweep of Monsters Inc again, and then we could pop to another Disney park.

We did precisely that, saw the end of a show in front of the castle on the way out and after that, we saw the sign for meeting Disney princesses. Now, as a kid, I got a signature book, and for laughs, I dug it up and brought it along 13 years later. As a kid, I really wished that I wouldn’t grow out of the magic, and hoped that I’d one day come back and fill that signature book a little more. So, although I kinda hesitate to say, I did it! We queued, we saw them, and I’m fairly sure that each of them thought I was special. Rapunzel gave me a big hug, Belle did likewise and Cinderella told me that I looked nice and was wearing lovely slippers. This of the girl who was absolutely roasted, hair plastered to her head, belly full of that mornings breakfast, and wearing trainers for the lots and lots of walking. The whole experience was sweet, embarrassing, fulfilling, and all of them called me a princess so that was nice. Hey, a geek’s gotta indulge their inner child sometimes right? (plus it was free ^^)

So finally we left the magic kingdom with a little bit of confetti from the parade In my bag, and we tool the monorail to Epcot. We weren’t there for long, but we checked out some of the shops, I found a fantastic picture of Ariel which unfortunately they weren’t selling, but let me take a picture of, and a picture for Aquaduck. Really? You’re going to associate one of your key characters with possibly the sucking superhero to not exist?

Then it was on to Innoventions which again looked a little more for kids, and we were in a hurry. You could try the Pixar games here though, so Oli played Wall-E, and I Brave for a little before we went back out. On to the Finding Nemo ride, really cute! Not the best, but definitely cute. Unfortunately the Coral character didn’t even make an appearance! D’oh! Again, more stuff where you can watch fish and stuff, but we were on the clock.

We moved on to the Imagination ride, something I always took pride in as a kid. Not only did this ride have a small flying purple dragon called Figment, but Eric Idle too! Very, very trippy ride, but good and there were little imagination based games out the other side. Like waving your arms to conduct music, and lots of lit up things for you to press or step on.

But still against the clock, it was time to head back past the automatic fountain shooting jets of water to music, and onto the monorail. Very tired by this point, tired feet, but this American couple on there where quite funny. They complained that the only time they’ve managed to find a tea cosy was that one time in London. That you can’t buy one in the US. Well you learn something new every day.

We went back to the dreaded bus stop with plenty of time to spare (another 2 hours? No thank you) once back, it was microwaved Uno leftovers and a little booze. Not enough to do anything or help with the achy feet, and we were asleep before we planned anyway. There’s also a great rhythm of putting the tv on Adult Swim for bed time. Yay comedy! So I’m gonna say nighty nights now, and write up today’s adventures in the morning. Nighty nights, pajama pajasnooooooooore….


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