Saturday 6th October 12 – Lazy Day.2

So today was another lazy day. The sun was shining, Oli scouted out Walmart but surprisingly enough didn’t come back with endless t shirts, we watched something where Ponyos dad was a spy (spoiler alert) and it just seemed to be a complete rip off of the Bourne identity, and half of Mall Cop. We also saw roughly half of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, although the ending put Oli in a bit of a funk, as I hadn’t warned him. I haven’t read the final books in aaaaaaages!

We also went out for dinner at UNO. On the way there it was ‘Im not hungry’ and then bam all of a sudden ‘alright I’m hungry and now’ so I obviously had to drag him into the nearest establishment snappish! 😛 the food was awesome, the waiter Adam was friendly, I got this really nice mango lemonade, and we shared a starter of nachos. It was massive! After that, Oli’s pizza and my chicken and pasta meals stood no chance! So the majority of them is in the fridge.

Just to mention a few other little things about this holiday. Ive learnt that the transport can be a pain in the ass. Especially to Disney. So well definitely need to learn to drive when/if we’re doing this again.

Lizards are everywhere, but I can’t help but get excited every time I see one. We even saw a white one once but when I went to take a picture, I realised I’d left my camera battery charging! Nooooo!

Every room in this hotel has the air conditioner on the floor next to the front door. So you’re I scantly dolled as you walk in. But if your walking up past all of the rooms, you sometimes get this really pleasant blast of warm air on your feet (if you’re wearing flip flops) which makes you want to stop. Of course if you did you 1. Wouldn’t get anywhere and b. I don’t think the people in the room you stopped outside would take it kindly.

Oh and speaking of, it was hilarious recently. If you walk past the rooms in the day, a lot of curtains are open and you can see busy/conked out families. I also saw one room which just had 2 ladies, one slumped on each bed, texting, and holding a multitude of Gap bags. Disney! And speak of the dev…. Disney, we’re off today! Yaaaaaaaaaay!

Not sure which one to explore first, but we MIGHT end up in the Magic Kingdom as we don’t have to sort out further transport, and the Pirates of the Caribbean are there for Oli. Hopefully well finally find him a hat as hes really picky too!

Oh and just lastly, I’ve noticed that I get a little sad every time I see a suitcase, and have to snap out of it as its more important to enjoy the now. I also have one final, remaining, lonely ding dong sitting by my bed as I know we shouldn’t buy more, but they’re so tasty! Can’t have more than one in a day but man when you do. Also opened the raspberry M&Ms yesterday. Nom. Bye diet! See you in a week!

Oh and one more last last thing, we’ve managed to come at a time of year where there’s Halloween stuff gore. Galore. Universal has a terrifying thing on offer where the walking dead chase you around, or blend into the crowd then scare you, and they have a few haunted houses dotted around which you have to pay extra for. In Disney, it’s their not so scary Halloween (seriously that’s along the lines of what they’re calling it) and Sea World haven’t joined in on this whole thing at all. Either way, we’ve braved zombies, fought them with official riot training techniques… And we’re not that bothered about this whole running thing. But walking around universal you can see lots of graves and fallen…. Things covered in vines and pumpkins in trees and stuff. Not enough to invade your day, but probably the night. Wooooooo!

Any who, that’s me about done for this entry, see you next time with some Disney magic!

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