Friday 5th October 12 – Universal.2

Universal woopwoop! Really easy and free to get to! So we started on the right, going anti clockwise this time (I know, breaking all the rules) We also saw Marilyn Monroe and Lucy get out of a fancy car, and the men in black further up the road! Of course I took some pictures of the latter and as we were moving on one of them came up behind me. ‘maam who were you taking pictures of?’ ‘the men in black’ I thought, I wonder if he has a fake neuraliser and sure enough, he started getting it out! So I covered my eyes and he put it away again 😛 ‘and who is this with you?’ ‘the boyfriend’ ‘well here take this card. Don’t forget to call the men in black should he start chewing on your head in the middle of the night’ ‘if he hasn’t already!’ so that was fun ^^

Then it was on to the Simpsons ride, and the men in black ride. I beat Oli this time! Of course it did help that I started with the last participants points but I still feel that I had a better grip on things this time. And again while walking out, you can’t not dance to the theme song. Definite must.

Then it was onwards, where we saw the end of a parade! I tried to film it but… Well there were an awful lot of people. We also did the mummy ride again as it really is awesome, and it did start to rain again later. We also enjoyed a squirrel which didn’t seem to mind all of the people watching him as he sat/twitched around the path. We even saw him searing the nearby empty prams for food! Cheeky! Oli and I decided to call him Fluffeh! (yes it ha to be pronounced like that)

We then finally got to watch the whole Terminator thing which was cool, and headed back to the left side to get. Couple of cool tops for Oli, and a Spiderman hoodie for me. Then, as I felt it was apt, we redid the Spiderman ride and I missed seeing Stan Lee again! Poo! We walked through the toon and Jurassic bits again, bought a butter beer and finally determined that 2 key ingredients were cream soda in the main red drink, and marshmallow for the froth. Nomnomnomnom.

Then, as Oli had a funny tummy and I didn’t want to drag him onto any rides, we continued on to Sinbad and Dr. Seuss. Unfortunately, it was quite late again now so everything was pretty closed. Using up our last vestiges of time, we wandered City Walk and explored some of the shops there. The alcohol isn’t so much for me, nor the dancing for Oli. But I did find an awesome candy shop where I really had to resist buying everything!

After the ride back, it was another case of sitting down, planning to enjoy things, and on my part, conking out. I also found out this morning, that these parks like to put little hints of previous rides into their attractions! If you loom to the left in the mummy where they all jump out at you, you can apparently see King Kong from the previous ride! And if you look to the right when giant Maggie is terrorising Springfield, you can see the clock from Back to the Future! Cool!

Also btw, I keep seeing things for friends and family, but I’m trying to make my money go as far as it can right now so my apologies in advance for whatever little I eventually manage.

Anywho, so what’s next I hear you eagerly ask! Well today is another lazy day, but the sun is nice this time. Tomorrow it’s Disney, but we aren’t sure which one to start with, and the day after that it’s Busch Gardens! Get ready feet!

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