Thursday 4th October 12 – Disney Quest

Okay… Yeah… More of an interesting day than we had planned. So we called Thomson last night to book travel to Downtown Disney in the morning. They said to call the hotel, the hotel transferred me to another guy who said he’d booked us a couple of seats. We turn up early in the morning, but when the van pulls up everyone starts getting tickets out. The guy tells us that we should have collected them from reception. No one told us that! But the ticket reception has guys taking forever, and by the time I got them, the driver was furious and talking about I just won’t next time. Really uncomfortable ride to the Magic Kingdom after that. Then we agreed to get back for 8.

We then spent ages again trying to find out how to get to Downtown Disney after one guy giving us the complete wrong instructions, and it turned out that you needed to walk down to this bus stop with no signs to help. Anyway, the coach took us about 25 mins including a stop to Typhoon Lagoon, so we figure well leave just over an hour early on the way back, so there’s no way well be caught out.

Downtown Disney was great, although it smelled a little like off cheese. Disney Quest was better. The old rides were still there! Sitting in a ship to steer or shoot the aliens (I steered and we rescued 23/29 survivors), putting a visor on your head to fight off comic characters (I got first place on this, but as a team we lost and were forced to retreat) flying on Aladdins magic carpet (Oli found the Genie but I found more jewels) riverboat rafting where our paddles didn’t seem to do much but it was exciting and exhausting nonetheless especially when I almost fell out a couple of times, the astro blaster where Oli seemed to be gunning only for me and it was very fun,. Great place.

We also tried the old school arcades, which is both interesting, and depressing as we suck at them! There was a driving section which Oli liked rut next to the Mighty Ducks Pinball game. I finally see what you’re supposed to do on that now! There was a shooting section where I early enjoyed Pointe Blank while Oli shot dinosaurs next to me. There was a music section which obviously I liked, but I tried not to linger too long, and there was a restaurant which had really comfy seats. What was confusing though was the big sign saying burgers, hot dogs, wraps… Only 1 of those was actually on the menu. And we took a picture of the food as, although it was great, nowhere near the size the meals used to be. Our drinks also came in Halloween Disney cups, where you can see a line of head and shoulder statues, but with disneys head next to his!

On the ground floor we also tried the make your own coaster thing, and Oli was really going for it adding loops and twists. I thought he hated going upside down but hey if he’s fine with it. Then we were escorted to our room to ride our ride! He seemed a little surprised and it turned out that he didn’t realise we were going to actually try his course! He thought we’d just watch it on the screen or something! So I was pretty much laughing the whole way through as he was trying to remember what to brace himself for next.

What was Oli’s favourite part of the day by far though, was the pirate ride thing. You walk into a room with screens on the walls and ceiling, and the helm of a pirate ship at your feet. This pirate ship has the steering wheel for the captain ‘which Oli jumped at the chance for’ and for the crew there were 6 canons on the side. 6 canons to myself ^^ you can direct them, and pull the string to fire a cannonball. Also you need to wear 3D goggles. A skeleton pirate turns up, and tells you to go and collect treasure by shooting down other ships. My arms killed! You can shoot down the sail, but you really need to hit the main ship to get the treasure, which then shows on the front of your ship. After doing this for a bit and getting thrown about as the ship you’re standing on moves if you get hit or anything, the skeleton shows up again! He sais well done, and then tries to nick your stuff! So we had to fight him off (and we’d already taken care of the sea monster earlier) but we won! When we tried for a second time, Oli was on canons me steering, and we learnt that if you die, you sink under the waves and see a shark swim by. For our third time, we were back to the winning combination of me on canons, and got the second best pirate score. All in all a very fun game!

Which contrasted very well to the journey home which included LOTS of rain, long coach ride as scooters had to be clipped in, just missing the 8 van, and sitting in the lightning storm (which did look incredible) for 2 hours absolutely sopping wet and quite freezing. Also by this point the Magic Kingdom was closed so we couldn’t use time in there. When the 10.20van did arrive, we’d just finished watching the fireworks in the distance, and despite our shivering, he put the cold air on!

We were definitely grateful to be back in our hotel room after that. We started changing, turned the heating on, and the smoke alarm went off! So I turned off the heating and went to fan the alarm, Oli went to open the door, and luckily it wasn’t worse than that. Overall, not the best day and I don’t think Oli’s got the best impression of Disney, but Disney quest in my opinion is still awesome. Universal tomorrow!

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