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Tuesday 2nd October 12 – Lazy Day

Today’s update is going to be a short one we had a lazy day. Not that much to report. Watched some American TV, found out that there’s a How to Train your Dragon series, and the weather outside was almost British. So it was a good day to choose really. Oh and the morning buffet waffle maker was there! Finally… Read more →

Monday 1st October 12 – Islands of Adventure

Islands of adventuuuuure is awesome! First off, Hulk, oh yeah. Got a great pic from that one. I think the best bit too was in the middle bluff where you slow down and there’s a floor thing below you. Oli though that was the end of the ride, and let loose some cursive when we suddenly plunged downwards instead. Hehehehe.… Read more →

Sunday 30th September 12 – Sea World

Okay so we didn’t go to Islands Of Adventure, that’s today. We got up early for the welcome meeting, both informative and boring as anything. But they did suggest Sea World as a good, more laid back starting park. Plus we saw that you walk to it by going down international drive! So instead of taking the I Trolly, we… Read more →

Saturday 29th September 12 – First day

Okay so my parents kindly picked us up in the morning with me tired from an awesome night of karaoke, Oli tired from a night of packing. We get to the airport, and the Aspire lounge was awesome! Comfy chairs, relaxed environment, tons of free food and drink including bacon rolls! Going to board a plane didn’t sound so thrilling… Read more →