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Saturday 29th Aug – Shibuya

Okay so we went to the convenience store again today where I tried a donut which tasted horrible, pizza crisps which actually had melted cheese on but still weren’t that great, and some hot wedges bought from the counter. After this we headed off to Shibuya where we found yet more anime, porn, and food. The Shibuya crossing was as… Read more →

Friday 28th Aug – Akihabara

Used the 7 11 again, then ate while we were surrounded by pidgeons (‘cause Petros fed them) Got to Shibuya and got a leaflet for a gothic looking maid café. Found a duty free store which wasn’t great but found funny towels where the geisha’s clothes disappear as the towel gets wet.  Stumbled across lots more games and porn as… Read more →

Saturday 22nd August – Yokohama

Okay so this morning’s breakfast was so-so which I had to expect from our hotel. Kinda salty, but okay.  We left, and I found the first new exciting drink, consisting mainly of jelly! I tried the peach one which was absolutely great! Tom didn’t quite think so as my only warning was that he would find it surprising, and the… Read more →

Friday 21st August – Fuji san

Okay well now I’m typing away in a Western room, but to be honest there’s not that much to write about today. We said goodbye to Colin, then the Ryokan ladies, and made our way across to Fujiyoshida un-aided by a fluent speaker! There was a little confusion, but no backtracking or injuries yay! I found that after Petros’s promises… Read more →

Thursday 20th August – Kyoto

Today unfortunately we didn’t get to go to either the Ghibli or Animate store, but we did get to have a day of temples! Lovely scenery, greenery, a building of gold, a calm tea and sugar cake to relax out of the heat, very expensive yet impressive paintings, and zen. Lot’s of zen. We went to the famous rock garden… Read more →

Wednesday 19th August – Kyoto

Sex shop and sake was what I forgot! We stopped by a sex shop today and found some rather… interesting things.  Cards and dildos etc (sadly enough no Hello Kitty ones for Scott however. But the strangest thing was that we saw all of these items, and a rocket shooter at the top. The mind instantly starts to wonder why… Read more →

Tuesday 18th August – Asakusa

Sitting in the ryokan, listening to the cicada/semi who’s chorus of chirruping was great to wake up to, I’ve decided to fill you in on another details from yesterday. I felt like Naruto and got to try ramen! To be honest, it’s not been the best meal so far, but it wasn’t too bad despite having only one piece of… Read more →

Monday 17th August 08 – Shinjuku

Okay I’m gonna keep this short as today hasn’t been great for me health wise. I’m in futon feeling a little ill, stomach is churning, but let’s hope that I’m better in the morning. Our first stop today was Ueno Park where I got rather roasted in the blistering heat, and later on I managed to accidentally tick someone off.… Read more →

Sunday 16th August 08 – Akihabara

Well now I’m in my room before bed. I just had a nice shower and bathe, and am wearing my first yukata! (Which I might have done up wrong) So after not getting up this morning, we had a breakfast of omelette, rice, vegetables, miso soup, seaweed strips, green tea, red beans, and some really nice mackerel (shoes off again).… Read more →

Saturday 15th August 08 – Asakusa

Konnichiwa! So I’m sitting in the Asakusa Ryokan with Tom, Petros and Colin with Steph getting changed just a sliding door away. There are great little snacks, sweets, kneeling cushions, futons, tatami, and some kind of cute puppy game show on the TV. But just to jump back, today started yesterday on the long flight over. However this was a… Read more →