2016 Mar – Hidden Rooms – Chain Reaction

http://hiddenroomslondon.co.uk 3 – 5 people Still feeling flush with our great time at Oubliette, we went to try Hidden Rooms. We’d managed to get a really good deal on this one too, so there were 9 of us, meaning that we took up both rooms. First off, I feel that I should mention how we found it. It was on… Read more →

2016 Feb – Oubliette

http://entertheoubliette.co.uk 4 – 8 people The best! This place was so amazing! We originally found them on Kickstarter, and they looked so promising, we jumped on the bandwagon straight away. Shortly after they opened, we went in, and the whole thing was fantastic from start to finish. They didn’t have the grand entrance that Time Run did, or the amount… Read more →

2015 Oct – Secret Studio

http://escapeintime.co.uk 3 – 6 people Our first horror themed escape the room! Not as hardcore as trying to keep away from a zombie, the story they use for this one is that there was a murder and… there was a lot going on. I find it hard to keep track of the reason why we are doing these puzzles outside… Read more →

2015 Oct – ClueQuest – Plan52 Room

http://cluequest.co.uk 3-5 people Very professional. These guys had a massive waiting space for the briefing, with loads of little singular puzzles for you to fiddle with while you’re waiting! Equipped with friendly staff, a cartoon mouse, and nice clarification that here, the things you don’t break are the things with a specific sticker on. The pro, it’s nice to know… Read more →

2015 Jul – Time Run – The Lance of Longinus

http://time-run.com 3 – 5 people This. Place. Was. Fantastic. SO much fun! From when you arrive to when you leave, they have put so much thought in. The other ones we’ve been to were good, but the stories were flimsy. Someone is stealing an old mans money, recover the will. There was a murder, investigate, and… something to do with… Read more →

2015 May – Escape Land – Steampunk Room

http://escapegameslondon.co.uk 3 – 5 people That’s it! We’re hooked! We’ve been to all that Hint Hunt currently has to offer, it’s time to spread our wings. So we took a chance on a Steampunk escape the room! It wasn’t as well advertised, was comparatively cheaper, but had fantastic reviews and a number of us were steampunks so it was the… Read more →

2015 Mar – Hint Hunt – JM’s Room

http://hinthunt.co.uk 3-5 people We loved the Zen Room so much, we HAD to go back. And this time, we were prepared… or so we thought. Again, we inconvenienced the staff by having everyone suddenly realise they needed to use the facilities before they were locked in a room for an hour, we entrusted our bags to them, and walked in.… Read more →

2015 Jan – Hint Hunt – Zen Room

http://hinthunt.co.uk 3-5 people My first escape room was an absolute blast. Although I’d heard some vague online good things, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. After being warned to arrive early and making it just on time, they sit you all down to go through the rules. Pretty standard. Don’t pull things off of the wall, if it seems… Read more →

Thursday 12th October 12 – Final Day at Universal

Okay so I’m gonna make this a quicker one, as I’m currently waiting in the hotel lobby with just under the weight limit bags, unwashed hair, and 2 hoodies tied around my waist, waiting to be makeshift plane pillows. Yesterday was good in its own right, but Oli’s been fighting off a cold, and yesterday it hit him really hard.… Read more →